Virtual 10 days free from violence 2020

Peace through active Non-violence!

Imagine! Just imagine if you can! If you dare!

  • Ahmaud Arbery can finish his jog through his neighborhood in Georgia and return home without having self-appointed vigilantes hunt him down and take his life!
  • Breonna Taylor can finish her night’s sleep without being awakened by a false drug raid crashing in the door to her home and being shot to death by the Louisville police!
  • George Floyd is released by the murdering police officer and can go home to his daughter’s birthday party!
  • Jacob Blake is healthy, not paralyzed from the waist down and celebrating his son’s birthday at home.


There are no funerals in the Northside of Minneapolis and one of the brothers is instructing young people about non-violence!

Yes! Just imagine!

This is what Twin Cities Nonviolent (TCNV) wants us to imagine for 10 days at the end of September each year. And during the rest of the year as well!  Please, if you will, imagine with us so that we can make this REAL for the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.   

During the Virtual 10 Days Free from Violence from September 18 – 27, 2020, we are inviting all our Partners to present their events that assist in bringing this dream to reality!  Considering COVID-19, this year, all presentations would be on Zoom and live stream on Facebook.

By participating in this 10 Days Free From Violence in the Twin Cities, in whatever way you or your organization take action against violence of any form, you can join with us to spread the word about action in which you are involved in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. TCNV includes as partners individuals or organizations that are taking nonviolent action to combat any form of violence (police brutality, gun violence, domestic violence, housing and hunger violence, health violence, racial injustice, etc.) using nonviolent methods, including speaking, training, education, the arts, and any other action dedicated to nonviolence.  Simply visit our website to review the available slots and propose your event in the 10 Days calendar.

Please visit our website:, or contact us for more information by phone number 651-698-0221 or Email at Like us on Facebook:

How can you participate?

  • Mark your calendars and join us on 10 Days Kick-off event on September 18th at 7 PM. 
  • Reach out if you wish to partner with us and present at the Virtual 10 Days Free from Violence event.
  • Renew your “Standing in solidarity message” with TCNV by sending your recent solidarity message
  • Support us by your donations and volunteering at the TCNV events.
  • Please contact us for all of above.

10 Days Calendar & Events

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