10 Days 2021- Detailed Schedule

Saturday, September 25 @ 11 AM – Meditation: Be the Change you Want to See by Arvind Naik

Change begins with me! We need to be the change we want to see in the world. How can we transform ourselves into a Non-violent, peace radiating individual? Only then we can contribute to world peace in true sense. We will also meditate together.

Arvind Naik will lead us in to learning and practicing a simple meditation technique which will help us tremendously in our mission of non-violence. Arvind has been studying a practical form of meditation under a world-renowned spiritual teacher Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj since 2003. He has been conducting talks, classes and workshops on the topic of meditation, where he discusses how incorporating meditation into our daily routine could be life-changing.  He leads a local meditation center called, Science of Spirituality Minneapolis Meditation Center (www.sosmn.org) and Steering Committee member of TCNV.

Recording of 2020 session available here on Facebook:

More Program planning in progress. Please revisit this page again.