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We envision a Twin Cities community that is free from violence. Learn more about our mission. Join us and participate in nonviolent activities throughout the Twin Cities.

We have lost a valued partner who passed away Tuesday November 22, 2022. . John partnered with us on Day2 and Day 6 of this years 12 Days Free From Violence. We send our prayers and best thought to John’s family, friends and community.

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Twin Cities Nonviolent EIN 87-2187697

Twin Cities Nonviolent Founder and President, Fr. Harry Bury talks about his career and life long commitment to active non-violence.


Your dream, vision and action for 12 Days! Wednesday 9/21 to Sunday 10/2

During the 12 Days Free from Violence from September 21– October 2 2022, we are inviting all our Partners to present events that assist in bringing this dream to reality! 

Day 1 International Peace Day with WAMM and Vets For Peace September 21 Longfellow Plaza.

Day 5 The Hawkinson Fund Awards Fr. Harry Bury receives the Hawkinson Fund Award for 2022


Day 9 Rally to Ban Assault Weapons with Women in Walkers September 29

Our 2022 film Eight Points to Peace is a finalist for the MY Hero International Film Festival award

TCNV 2022 Schedule

Twin Cities Nonviolent 12 Days Free From Violence September 21 to October 2 2022

Golden Rule Peace Boat Coming to Stillwater Historic Sailboat Supports UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

Saturday September 17: Golden Rule Peace Boat arrives in Stillwater. Meet at the library from 7;00 PM to 9:00 PM

Day 1 Wednesday September 21: International Day of Peace 4:00 PM at the Lake St./Marshall Ave. Bridge. The beginning to the 12 Days Free From Violence. Music and speakers at 4. Meet at Longfellow Plaza

5:00-6:00 PM. WAMM Vigil to End War is dedicated to ending U.S. involvement in war, the threats of war and the production, sale and use of the weapons of war. Signs provided or bring your own. On the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Peace Bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Sponsored by the End War Committee of Women Against Military Madness. Call 612-827-5364 for more information.

7:00 PM Vets for Peace, Golden Rule Peace Boat presentation at St. Paul Unity Church 733 Portland Ave. St. Paul 55104. Come learn how The Golden Rule helped stop nuclear weapons testing in the 50’s

Day 2 Thursday Sept.22 MAD DADs The Minneapolis Chapter of Men Against Destruction – Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder (MAD DADS) seeks to bring about positive change, and encourages, motivates and guides committed men and women in the struggle to save children, communities and themselves from the social ills that presently plague neighborhoods.MAD DADS employ strategies to engage parents in the intervention and prevention of community problems, and is designed to attract, challenge, and prepare them to be vocal, visible, and vigilant in restoring safe communities and healthy families.

An opportunity to meet and hear the remarkable John Turnipseed on his efforts to reduce neighborhood violence. 7:00 PM St. Peters AME church 401 E. 41st. Minneapolis 55409. Lower level meeting room. Light refreshments

Day 3 Friday Sept 23: Vets for Peace, 4200 Cedar Ave. Mpls. 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Speakers and music celebrating the arrival of the Golden Rule.

Day 4 Saturday Sept 24    Inner and Outer Peace throughout Meditation 9:00 AM 70 10:30 AM Online talk and Meditation Session. Register at http://sosmn.org/wp/public-talk-registration/

Sing For Peace 11:00AM  to 12;00 More details to come.

Behind the scenes tour of the Golden Rule sailing ship 

2:00 PM. Join us at the Watergate Marina, St. Paul MN for a tour of the boat and talk with crew members about how they planned their voyage this year and their hopes and expectations. Half hour boat rides may be possible and we’ve been invited to get dinner with the crew afterwards.

It is docked at the Watergate Marina, 

2500 Crosby Farm Rd, Saint Paul, MN 55116-2691

They are parked at the fueling station on the river side down at the end of the marina

Day 5 Sunday September 25: Hawkinson Fund for Peace and Justice, 4:00 PM. St. Francis Cabrini Church 1500 Franklin Ave. SE Mpls. Scholarship awards for students for their work pursuing peace and justice. A special award for Rev. Harry Bury, “The Maverick Priest” for his life long work for peace and justice. Introduction of Fr. Harry by Nancy Nelson. Masks required.

Day 6 Monday Sept 26 Gun Violence in Minnesota Featuring Atty. General Keith Ellison, Project Minnesota Exec. Director, Rashimi Seneviratne, Gun Safety Advocate and Founder of Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts. 5:00 to 6:00 PM Sign up for Zoom link

Urban Ventures, Selling Hope 7:00 PM Urban Ventures works alongside 70 local partners to address opportunity gaps in academics, nutrition, physical activity, parenting resources, and more—all with the overarching goal to prepare and send every youth in our neighborhood to college or postsecondary education. Reducing violence in communities and building hope for youth. 7:00 PM at St. Peters AME church, lower level meeting room 401 E. 41st Mpls.55404. An opportunity to learn about Urban Ventures and hear John Turnipseed and others. Light refreshments

Day 7 Tuesday Sept.27: Free From the Violence of Racism Confronting Racism in the suburbs. The Edina Anti- Racism Collective 5:30 PM at Centennial Lakes Pavillion, Edina. Featuring Rep. Heather Edelson, Rev. Okogyeamon Perkins, Anti-Racism Study Dialogue Circles. Food and beverages provided. Speakers at 6:00 PM

Day 8 Wednesday Sept. 28   WAMM Vigil to End War is dedicated to ending U.S. involvement in war, the threats of war and the production, sale and use of the weapons of war. Signs provided or bring your own. On the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Peace Bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Sponsored by the End War Committee of Women Against Military Madness.

Evening of Readings, with Michael Chaney and Louis Alemayehu and a Showing of”A Prophetic Opera of Our Times 6:30 to 7:30 First Universalist Church 3400 Dupont Ave. S. Mpls.

Sponsored by the Environmental Justice Team at First Universalist

Day 9 Thursday Sept. 29: Rally for a Total Ban and Buy Back of Assault Weapons 3:00 PM Fairview Ave and Carondelet Village (south of Randolph).

6:00 PM A Conversation with Commissioner Schnell of the Minnesota Dept. of Corrections via Zoom. The link is:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87522296461?pwd=eCtnSEZWbTF0QmVKdFpMbkxMVmNFZz09

Day 10 Friday September 30:

Introducing Restorative Justice: 11:30 to 12:30 by Invite and Luther Seminary via Zoom. The criminal justice system in the US is more and more organized around punitive notions of justice. Violence is often met with violence. Yet in the Twin Cities we have lots of experience with restorative practices that draw on principles of nonviolence. Join us for a panel discussion with Brenda Burnside (CEO, Let’s Circle Up Restorative Services, LLC; Restorative Justice Trainer, Practitioner, Circle Keeper; Community Advocate for RCAO (Re)Imagining Justice for Youth Collaborative Review Team), Randi Roth (Executive director of Interfaith Action, former long-time civil legal services lawyer), and Annie Kahn (Assistant County Attorney—Pre-Trial Justice Division, Office of the Ramsey County Attorney, John J. Choi),  where we will introduce the concept of restorative justice.  RSVP for the Zoom link: https://tinyurl.com/bdf7sc6d

Sing For Peace 11:00 AM to 12:00 Details to come.

Day 10: Friday, September 30: An evening with Bill McKibben, “Organizing Just Gets Better: Third Act and the fight for a progressive legacy.” We are thrilled to have an evening with Bill McKibben. 6:00 to 8:00 PM. He’ll discuss his new work focus, Third Act and we will have opportunity to ask questions. Go to Vote-Climate.org to register. Eventbrite registration is required for Zoom information. Join us to learn more about this new movement to address our climate crisis.

Day 11: Saturday, October 1Vigil for the Earth with Vote- Climate.org.

Join us for our at noon for “Hands Across Mississippi River- Rally and March for Clean Water, Land and Air” . Please meet at noon at the Danish American Center lawn,  3030 W. River Road Pkwy., Minneapolis, Minnesota. We will be lead by Indigenous singers/drummers for “Hands Across Mississippi River.”  Following “Hands Across Mississippi,” we will gather on the lawn of the Danish American Center for a panel discussion, skit and treats. 

Peace Jubilee Concert III Capri Theater Big Band. 7:00 PM at Judson Church,4101 Harriet Ave, S. Mpls.

Day 12 Sunday Oct. 2: International Non Violence Day Honoring Mahatma Gandhi on his 153rd Birthday

Join us at the the Minnesota History Center, 3M Auditorium, 345 W. Kellogg Blvd. St. Paul

3:00 PM Music, dance, speakers, film, Gandhi Peace Awards and light refreshments. Keynotes by Will Wallace, Non Violent Peace Force, US Director of Community Peace Building and Anna Zaros, Non Violent Peace Force, US Director of Organizational Advancement. TCNV founder and president, Fr. Harry Bury will be presented a Gandhi Peace Award.

During the 12 Days Free from Violence from September 21– 2October 2, 2022, we are inviting all our Partners and others to present their events that assist in bringing this dream to reality!  

Step # 1: Choose a date and time that works for you

Step # 2: Prepare your proposal with following information:

  1. Title of the Presentation
  2. Description of the presentation – Please explain, how it will address TCNV 12 days purpose.
  3. Type of Presentation: Talk / Workshop / Music / Other art etc.
  4. Name of the speakers / Presenters

Step # 3: Send your proposal to Fr. Harry (hbury@bw.edu) or Ram Gada (ramgada@gmail.com) or Bill LHerault (videobill@hotmail.com


We are looking for active volunteers to help and partner to offer events, forums, presentations to further community awareness and action. Please contact us about becoming a part of this endeavor.