Welcome to Twin Cities Nonviolent


We envision a Twin Cities community that is free from violence. Learn more about our mission. Join us and participate in nonviolent activities throughout the Twin Cities.


Your dream, vision and action for 12 Days! Wednesday 9/21 to Sunday 10/2

During the 12 Days Free from Violence from September 21– October 2 2022, we are inviting all our Partners to present their events that assist in bringing this dream to reality!  

The 2022 Free From Violence program will include:

Free from Domestic Violence, Violence to the Earth, Violence of Racism, Violence of Homelessness, Violence to LGBTQ people and community, Violence from Police and the Justice System, School Violence and Bullying, Violence of Poverty, Gun Violence, Free from the Violence of War.

Golden Rule Peace Boat Coming to Stillwater
Historic Sailboat Supports UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

Saturday September 17: Golden Rule Peace Boat arrives in Stillwater. Meet at the library from 7;00 PM to 9:00 PM

Day one, Wednesday September 21: Peace Vigil with WAMM and Veteran’s for Peace, 5:00 PM at the Lake St. Marshall Ave. Bridge. The kick off to the 12 Days Free From Violence.

Day 5 Sunday September 25; Hawkinson Fund for Peace and Justice, 4:00 PM. Location: TBD Scholarship awards for students for their work pursuing peace and justice. A special award for Rev. Harry Bury for his life long work for peace and justice.

Day 10, Friday September 30: An evening with Bill McKibben, Organizing Just Gets Better: Third Act and the fight for a progressive legacy. We are thrilled to have an evening with Bill McKibben. He’ll discuss his new work, Third Act and we’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions. Go to thirdact.org for more information about this exciting new movement!

Day 11, Saturday October 1: Vigil for the Earth with Vote-Climate.org.

Join us for our “Hands Across Mississippi River- Rally and March for Clean Water and Air” on the Lake Street Bridge. We want to have a huge turn out with all the Twin Cities Nonviolent allies and environmental organizations coming out strong! 
If you want to help organize the 2 days devoted to Freedom from Violence Against the Environment and/or have ideas for other programing during the 12 Days Free from Violence being held from September 21st through Oct 2nd, please let us know! Jean Ross or Karen Olson Johnson

Want to Partner with us to Present during the 12 Days?

During the 12 Days Free from Violence from September 21– 2October 2, 2022, we are inviting all our Partners and others to present their events that assist in bringing this dream to reality!  

Step # 1: Choose a date and time that works for you

Step # 2: Prepare your proposal with following information:

  1. Title of the Presentation
  2. Description of the presentation – Please explain, how it will address TCNV 12 days purpose.
  3. Type of Presentation: Talk / Workshop / Music / Other art etc.
  4. Name of the speakers / Presenters

Step # 3: Send your proposal to Fr. Harry (hbury@bw.edu) or Ram Gada (ramgada@gmail.com) or Bill LHerault (videobill@hotmail.com


We are looking for active volunteers to help and partner to offer events, forums, presentations to further community awareness and action. Please contact us about becoming a part of this endeavor.