Collaborator Meeting, Monday 10/8

Can you feel it?

We are so appreciative of the time, energy, support and love you have put into this initiative. This definitely would not be happening if not for each and everyone of you. The fact that hundreds of individual/organizations have put together this beautiful quilt of activities that educate, entertain, and spark a commitment so #wecanwagepeace is incredible. From all of our collaborators who put together events, to the venues who offered free space to businesses who covered the cost of workshops, to artists who created and entertained all in the name of peace. Minnesota — you rock!!!

Please send us your videos from your events asap so we can publish them on the web. We will weave them together into a video that will be played before the “Let It Begin With Me” Concert on Saturday, September 29th at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, Mpls. The concert will premiere a new song written by Aane Fosse, expressly for “10 Days Free From Violence” and will be performed by the Aane Fosse’s 4 Peace Band featuring Patricia Lacy.

Please remember to have participants “sign up” on the TCNV poster boards, which can still be picked up at FNVW, Central Midway Building Room 307, 393 North Dunlap Street, St. Paul, MN (It is west of Lexington Ave. Take the frontage road on the north side of I-94 (St. Anthony Ave.) turn right on Griggs-the first right you can take and you will see Central Midway to your right). Call ahead as there is not always someone in the office. 651-917-0383 The boards can be returned there or bring them to the closing ceremony: The Ripple Effect at St Catherine University, Jeanne D’arc Auditorium, Whitby Hall, 2004 Randolph Avenue, St Paul 55105.

There will be one more collaborators’ meeting:

Monday, October 8, 2018, 7-9pm
Central Midway Building
393 North Dunlap Street, Saint Paul MN
4th Fl Conference Room

We will download what these “10 Days…” have meant, what we can do better, where we go from here…Looking forward to seeing you then and hope to see you at some of the events. Please take the short survey (10 questions) on the overview page of our website, after you attend an event and encourage your participants at your events to do so… See you soon!

Last Collaborators’ meeting before “10 Days Free From Violence” – Wednesday, September 12, 2018 7-9pm

We are two weeks away from “10 Days Free From Violence” and the International Day of peace on Friday, September 21, 2018.  Our last collaborators’ meeting will be on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.  We will meet at the FNVW (Friends for a Nonviolent World) 4th Floor conference room, Central Midway Building, 393 Dunlap Road North, St Paul,  55104.

Flyers and calendar booklets can be picked up at the following locations:

  • FNVW, Central Midway Building, 393 Dunlap Road North., Suite 307, St Paul 55104
  • MN Zen Meditation Center, 3343 East Calhoun Parkway, Mpls 55408 starting Sunday, September 9, 2018.  They will be in a plastic box on the back porch.  Please approach the Zen Meditation Center quietly.

Please contact Sharon: regarding voter registration at your event.  She has only heard from one event so far.

If you need volunteer help (greeters, set up, etc) for your event, please send an email to to request assistance.

Collaborator Meeting, 9/12

We are less than three weeks away from “10 Days Free From Violence.” So exciting.

  • Next Collaborators’ meeting: Wednesday, September 12, 2018. FNVW, Central Midway Building, 393 Dunlap Road North., Suite 307, Saint Paul 55104. This is our last meeting before the events begin. This is when we will be fine tuning the process.
    • Poster boards will be available for pick up for every event. Please use these at your event to have participants sign the poster boards. Then bring these posters to our closing ceremony on Sunday, September 30, 2018. We will put all of them together to form the backdrop of the closing ceremony of “10 Days Free From Violence.” We hope you will be able to donate magic markers for participants to sign in
  • Printed calendars and flyers are available for pick up at the following locations:
    • FNVW, Central Midway Building, 393 Dunlap Road North., Suite 307, Saint Paul 55104
    • MN Zen Meditation Center, 3343 East Calhoun Parkway, Minneapolis 55408
  • Voter Registration for your event – Please contact Sharon Slettehaugh, from the League of Women Voters to let her know if you would like them to set up the registration at your event or if you will handle it on your own.
  • Julie Penshorn, author, has written a song with Jack Doepke, “I Can See, I Can Be, I Can Wage… Peace”.  The rough draft is on YouTube. She has given permission for you to use this song, just mention that she and Jack wrote it and that she has a new book that will be released on September 21 called I Can See Peace.

Following is a message that you can send to all of your collaborators:

I’m writing to share a great community opportunity with you: 10 Days Free from Violence, a 10-day menu of over 60 peace events to foster collaboration for nonviolence in the Twin Cities. We hope that you will attend as many events as you can, especially our Opening Gathering of Nations for Peace and Unity Circle Dedication event at Bde Maka Ska on Sat., Sept. 22nd at 9:00am and our Closing Ceremony at 2:00pm on Sun., Sept. 30th (see the calendar for more details). We humbly ask that you stand in solidarity with us.  People all over the world are pledging solidarity with our efforts, including Arun Gandhi, Gandhi’s grandson; Dr. Makaziwe “Maki” Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s daughter from Johannesburg, South Africa; and Scott Witte, contractor at the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica!

Please share with great enthusiasm our flyer and press release for 10 Days Free from Violence. We’ve drawn our inspiration from Carbondale Nonviolent and the dedication to peace of Fr. Harry Bury, who worked alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta and was awarded the key to Ho Chi Minh City for his efforts to end the Vietnam War.

T-shirts are now for sale for the Bde Maka Ska event. Every sale will help us fund other events for Twin Cities Nonviolent. Our goal is to have voter registration at each of our events!

Twin Cities Nonviolent is an idea whose time has come!  We’re creating a ripple effect of nonviolence, recognizing that peace literacy is not just a goal, but a skill set—and weaving together support organizations to significantly reduce violence in all forms in our area.

Please join us! #WeCanWagePeace

See you Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Collaborator Meeting, 8/28

Our next collaborator’s meeting will be next Tuesday, August 28,  2018   7-9pm.   We will be meeting in the Central Midway Building, 4th Floor Conference Room, 393 North Dunlap Street, St Paul, MN.  Take the frontage road on the north side of I-94 (St. Anthony Ave.) turn right on Griggs-the first right you can take and you will see Central Midway to your right)

“10 Days Free From Violence” is less than a month away.  With that in mind, here is a message from the TCNV Steering Committee.

We will have printed posters and flyers for you to take and distribute.

Dear Collaborators,

Thank you for joining our leap of faith to spark 10 Days Free from Violence—the first major collaboration of peace events across our Twin Cities!  Twin Cities Nonviolent was created from a grassroots, shared leadership model, so we have gratefully relied upon all the generous talent, gifts and support that our humble organizing has inspired.  We are in this together!

As you know, organizers and hosts/performers/speakers of their events featured during the 10 Days Free From Violence from September 21st to 30th, 2018, are responsible for recruitment and outreach to the public, as well as family and friends, to engage attendees.  Twin Cities Nonviolent will boost these efforts through our media outreach and informational flyers and calendars.”

Our new flyer, including our Mission Statement, is attached to publicize our whole 10 Days.  Our logo is attached for any flyers that you create specifically for your own event.  Also, here is a brief public service announcement you can use to build interest:

At Twin Cities Nonviolent, we believe that peace is possible—that waging peace needs even more resources than waging war because our survival depends on it.  10 Days Free from Violence, a menu of peace events in the Twin Cities over 10 days, is where we’ll begin.

Our work was called to action by Fr. Harry Bury, a priest who worked alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta and was awarded the key to Hi Chi Minh City for his efforts to end the Vietnam War.  Over ten days, there will be over 60 events from over 40 organizations to teach us how to wage peace, reduce violence and create a culture of nonviolence in the Twin Cities.

These include a Gathering of Nations to rededicate Bde Maka Ska, a Black Storytelling Festival, a music festival and concerts, writers forums, dancing, photography and art, prayer services, theater performances, peace literacy workshops, and a poetry slam in North Minneapolis.

Please stand with us.  Learn with us. And wage peace in the Twin Cities by visiting:

As we prepare for our 10 Days Free from Violence—now just one month away—we humbly ask you to address the following:

  • If you are working with a host venue, please make sure to check in with that organization for keys and special instructions.
  • Please try to arrange a table (or two if possible) at your event for materials or handouts for other organizations involved in peace pursuits.
  • The League of Women Voters has generously offered to register voters at each of our events.  Please advise if you DO NOT want League of Women Voter volunteers to register your attendees using clipboards and forms by contacting Sharon Slettehaugh at:  A League representative can still provide Voter Registration Forms if you’d like your own team to register voters.
  • May authors involved in 10 Days Free from Violence be present at your event to sell their books?
  • We ask that you please arrange to have as many photos and videos taken as possible at your 10 Days event.  Please remind your audience via signs or mention that videos or photos may be taken at this event.

Soon, you will receive information for sign-ins at your events, in addition to plans for post-event surveys.

Thanks again for taking this awe-inspiring journey with us!  #WeCanWagePeace!

Check out the first peace circle that took place on September 18, 2018 at North Presbyterian Church.  Look for Chief Tom Laugh, St Paul Chief of Police’s challenge at the end. #We can wage peace!