Editing the Menus

Only edit the menus if you have been given clear authority by the website team to do so. This is our main form of navigation on the site, so we want to be very careful about changes. Only Fay, Alex, and Eric are currently able to edit the menus.

While the Sela theme can accommodate menus in multiple locations, we really only pay attention to the “Primary Menu.” This is the menu you see right at the top of the content area just below the logo.

You can change these menus and the items they hold by using the Screenshot of Safari (20180527, 2-37-01 pm)“customize” icon from the lower right of any page (once you have logged in). From there choose “Menus” and then “Primary Menu.” You will only see that option if you actually have permission to change the menus.

You can change the content and order of menu items by dragging them around and by adding items from the left sidebar. However, in order to minimize confusion, we should avoid adding extra “hierarchy” to the menus.

Don’t forget to click the “Publish” button at the top of the customization sidebar when you are done, so that your changes are actually remembered and used.