Video Testimonials for High School and above

Video Testimonial Project: We want to hear in your voices and videos on how our communities can be Free from violence. Please submit your video testimonials to the address below. Please submit a video (Max: 5 mins) of yourself stating your answers to the following questions in the sequence:A description of the project and the works presented.

  1. My name is ______________, I have been living in the Twin Cities Metro area for ________years 
  2. To me, Non-violence means (define in your own words) _________________
  3. I am inspired by (a role models)________________because s/he (define they inspired you)_________________
  4. I think having Non-violence in the world would look like (describe your vision) _________________
  5. I will support the work of the Twin-Cities Non-violent by (describe your pledge) ________________________
  6. (Say the comment) I am signing up!  Will you?
  • Who is eligible: All Minnesota residents are eligible to participate.
  • What is required: A video file or downloadable link (not on Youtube etc) of video file in standard MP4 or WMV format.  The resolution should HD (720 x 480) or higher. The length should not exceed 5 minutes.  Please use clean professional non-provocative background for your message.  Dress code is business casual (what you would wear at school or work).
  • Email the video file to:
  • Deadline: August 31, 2020
  • TCNV will reserve all rights to use all the submissions
  • Please email: for any questions.