Peace Storytelling Concert

Peace Storytelling Concert
3 p.m. September 15 at Normandale Community College
9700 France Avenue in Bloomington

A part of the Storytelling For Changing Times Festival by Story Arts of Minnesota

Storytellers and Stories in Order of Appearance

Richard Rousseau: Hawkalewie
Richard has been an actor, director, and playwright for 55 years, merging these talents as a storyteller 30 years ago. He regales audiences, locally and nationally, with carefully crafted tales based on personal and historical events. Richard is a co-founder of Northstar Storytelling League, a prececessor to Story Arts of Mn, and he is Mn liason to the National Storytelling Network.

Paula Reed Nancarrow: Small Town
Paula is a writer and performer of personal and historical narratives, as well as folktales and myths,
that reflect the texture and complexity, the blessings and betrayal, of family and community life. She strives to give her audience, reading or listening, an awareness of beauty in the moment, a vision of justice, and inspiration to act effectively and compassionately in the world.

Burt Berlowe: If I Can Dream: Turning Points in Turbulent Times
Burt is a journalist, oral historian, and author of 8 books, including the award-winning COMPASSIONATE REBEL series. He is featured in the new TURNING POINTS, published by the Loft Peace and Justice Writers, along with Changing Times Press. A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF SEWARD NEIGHBORHOOD includes his chapter on political and social activism.

Katherine J. Werner: Onions
Katherine’s first career was a traveling book publisher salesperson. These days she advocates for people who are homeless or just hungry. Fundraiser, day-tripper, dancer, pro-choice voter, and storyteller, Katherine lives in a pink steel house in St. Paul.

Elaine Wynne: It’s Your Choice
Elaine, storyteller/therapist, is currently a leader in the fight to make EMDR trauma therapy available to veterans. She has done storytelling and healing work, on many social justice issues, throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Long ago she learned that Margaret Sanger was one of her mother’s heroines, and she dedicates her story to this remarkable woman in U.S. history.

Larry Johnson: You’re Grounded for the Rest of Your Life
Larry served as a conscientious objector, medic with no weapon, during the War in Vietnam, a story in itself. He is national chair for the OGP (Old Gardening Party), keeping the world safe for children, gardening, and storytelling. His book, SIXTY-ONE, walks thru 61 stories, ratcheting down war and ramping up Veteran care.

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