2019 Related Events

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 6-9pm  –  Landmark Center, F. K. Weyerhaeuser Auditorium 

Admission Free  –  Your generous donations will go to the Veteran Resilience Project

World Storytelling Day 2019 –

Myths, Legends & Epics of Coming Home from War

This year’s global theme lends itself to the epic struggle of veterans coming home whole: to meaningful life. Odysseus took ten arduous years to return from the Trojan War. Psychiatrist Jonathan Shay documents such heroic journeys in books like Achilles in Vietnam. The literature of folklore is littered with legends like the Grimm’s Bearskin, where a returning soldier suffers valiantly for seven years to win the life he wants and deserves. Finally, real life veteran legends like Jesse Owens and Hugh Thompson are rivaled only by the growing cadre of women veterans daring to stand up to the travesty of military sexual assault. Since 2003, World Storytelling Day events take place on or around March 20 in more than 25 countries around the world.


6:00pm Information Fair from our Program Partners
Storytelling and Veteran Support Organizations
(For more information, or to reserve a seat or information table, contact Larry Johnson, Veteran, Storyteller/Organizer, Author, at larryjvfp@gmail.com)

7:00pm Our Storytellers
Hector Matascastillo
Army Ranger, Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, Author, Speaker
Trista Matascastillo
Veteran, Ramsey County Commissioner, Bush Fellow, Feminist
Carol McCormick
Veteran Spouse, Professional Storyteller, Story Arts of Minnesota (Board Member), Author
Derek Anders-Turner
Combat Engineer, US Bank Technology Product Manager, Natl Black Police Association Member
Mark Wagler
Legendary Storyteller from Madison, Co-Founder Northlands Storytelling Network
Elaine Wynne
Storyteller, Veteran Spouse, EMDR Therapist/Trainer, Founder of Veteran Resilience Project

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