KFAI show on June 6 features PEACE LITERACY, anticipating the June 21,22 workshop with Captain Paul Chappell and Professor Sharon Clough

Larry Johnson will be on Don Olson’s show, with Kate Towle, on KFAI, 90.3 FM, June 6, 1-2, talking about peace literacy and the attached workshop June 21,22.  This is not yet confirmed, but we hope to have Paul Chappell on, by phone, for part of the program.  

Captain Paul Chappell is an Iraq veteran, member of the national VFP advisory, and has been here several times.  In his writing and speaking, beginning with THE ART OF WAGING PEACE, he has brilliantly merged the best of West Point leadership training, with the nonviolence work of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others.  Peace Literacy is a developing curriculim, designed to be in used in schools at all levels, helping young people to be trained in the art of peacemaking, in the home, the school, the community, and the world.

There are still open slots in the free workshop, and more information on the curriculim at www.peaceliteracy.org.  It may be used in total, or in part by anyone, but please come to the training.  It will be magnificent.

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