Envision a Week of Nonviolence, 1/9

Let’s join together to transform the Twin Cities into a metropolitan area known for its culture of nonviolence. Our first initiative is to develop a Week of Nonviolent programming for the autumn of 2018. This week may include some of the following:

  • training on nonviolent communication,
  • focused nonviolent curriculum in educational institutions,
  • cultural arts events,
  • forums on different aspects of violence,
  • or whatever your organization chooses to do.

Please join us for our first planning session for the Week of Nonviolence.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
7-9 pm
Matthews Park Recreation Building,
Seward Neighborhood,
2318 29th Ave South, Minneapolis

We want your input and ideas and will ask for your continued involvement in planning and producing the Week of Nonviolence.

TCNV Invitation to 1/9/2018 Meeting

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